Parade Details

We have a variety of classes in which you can enter if you wish to take part in the morning procession.

Below is a list of details about the classes, assembly points, judging, prize monies and trophies.


The committee reserves the right to refuse entry to the procession.

The Officials of the Lytham Club Day and Rose Queen Festival
Hon. Life President
Peter McGuiness
Andria Swindlehurst
Hon. Life Patrons
Don Hutchinson
Paul Ingram
Brenda D'Arcy
Doreen Jackson
Bill Mercer
Hon. Life Patrons
Lilian Morris
Raymond Morris
Mary Schofield
Phillip Schofield
Len Whiteside
Vice Chairperson
Anne Aitken
Hon. Treasurer
Peter Bamford
Procession Marshal
Gordon Aitken
Festival Co-ordinator
Catherine Powell
Friends of Lytham Club Day
Chris Kitchener
Arena Director
Joanne Lloyd
Masters of Ceremonies
Francis Lloyd - Assisted by Samantha Curtis
Sponsored Walk Organisers
Anne Aitken and Margaret Nixon
Vintage/Classic Cars
Jake Thackwray
Arts and Wallbank Trophy
The Arts & Literature Wallbank Trophy Co-ordinators are Anne Aitkin & Catherine Powell
The Bill Cross Festival of Morris Dancing and Street & Evening Entertainment Organiser is Margaret Porter
Street Collection Organisers
Anne Aitkin and Edwina Gillett
Mammoth Draw Organisers
Liz Hardman
Fund Raising Organiser
Nicky Thackway
Social Organiser
Alan Pickup
Magazine Editor
Rosemary McFarlane
Programme Reporters
Lynn Sullivan
Yvette Spedding
Programme Sales
David Packer
Minutes Secretary
Margaret Porter
Working Committee
D. Bamber, J. Bamber, M. Boddy, A. Booth, B. Booth, G. Booth, A. Curtis, B. Fenton, G. Forster, S. Kaliszczak
Working Committee
C. Kitchener, L. Morris, j. Nicholson, H. Packer, J. Packer, A. Pickup, P. M. Ray, L. Rowlings, P. Rowlings, J. Rowlings
Working Committee
N. Rylatt, P. Schofield, M. Schofield, J. Sproson. L. Sullivan, B. Whiteside, M. Wignall
Church Representatives
St. Cuthbert's Church of England Church
Lynn Warren & Alison Newsham
Church Representatives
St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church
Nicky Thackway & Michelle Freeland & William Whiteside
Church Representatives
St. John's Church of England Church
Joyce Packer & Julie Sproson
Church Representatives
Lytham United Reformed Church
Margaret Wignall
Church Representatives
St. Paul's Church of England Church
Ruth Curtis & Carol Johnson
Church Representatives
Lytham Methodist Church
John & Margaret Porter
Church Representatives
Fairhaven Methodist Church
Post Vacant
Church Representatives
Fairhaven United Reformed Church
Post Vacant
Hon. Auditor
Alan Dearing
Hon. Solicitor
Raymond Green
Peter Hewitt
Working Committee
Mr F Barker, Mr K Birchall, Mr M Boddy, Mr D Brown, Mr S Brown, Mr R Dickinson, Mr G. Fallows, Mr M E Gunson
Working Committee
Mr B Hankinson, Mr S Knowles, Mr B Mercer, Mr A Milner, Mr R Morris, Mr A Pickup, Mr G R Pickup, Mr T Rigby
Working Committee
Mr C Salisbury, Mr P Schofield, Mr J E Walsh, Mr C R Wilsdon, Mrs C Birchall, Mrs E Brown, Mrs D Boardman
Working Committee
Mrs B D'Arcy, Mrs F Ford, Mrs B Fenton, Mrs D Greenhalgh, Mrs L Morris, Mrs M Nickson, Mrs S Nottingham
Working Committee
Mrs M Rawstrone, Mrs P Rigby, Mrs J Salisbury, Mrs M Schofield, Miss L Sturt, Mrs D Sully

Even more support.

There are also a number of people who help out on the day with marshalling, stewarding and other jobs, without their support, Club Day would not run as smoothly as it does. If you would like to become a member of our committee or would like to help on the day itself, then please contact us.